Et tu, Spotify? The 13 simplest tweets from Wrapped week


illustration of twitter bird with screenshot of tweet

Spotify Wrapped day has come and long gone, which methodology all of us purchased to allotment steady how cold all of us are with our taste in song. Certain, I posted my Wrapped. I’m now not above it.

But with Wrapped week came a bunch of funny tweets. The theme of the jokes this yr perceived to be absurdist portray edits, and if truth be told, it was once truthful stuff. We silent absolutely the finest and funniest posts about Wrapped from this week for you to make the most of. Relax, relax, and giggle.

1. Ahhh sure, this tracks pointless to claim.

2. This guy is the Avenue Pimp. That is pleasant. Factual for them.

3. Wow, Spotify purchased comely judgmental this yr, huh?

4. Right here’s a if truth be told truthful bit.

5. I might per chance per chance per chance rather breeze off this mortal coil than wish to be with my suggestions. Perish the thought.

6. You would also continuously space this individual. They uncover on themselves.

7. Sigh, roasted.

8. I’m creating narratives in my suggestions about you, continuously.

9. I steady… Wow.

10. “We can discuss it” fully floored me.

11. Cat screaming is the novel novel artist. We must all give them a hear.

12. Dang, Spotify if truth be told nailed this dude.

13. And in the kill, this.