Moment Curved Surface Mount and Arduous Shell Mount for AirTags overview


After the pleasurable airline bags catastrophe of 2022, by which loads of of thousands of suitcases were delayed in arriving alongside their owners for as a lot as days or even weeks, chances are high you’ll trust regarded as completely attaching an AirTag to your bags. An AirTag also can now not form the airline transfer quicker, however it will perhaps well repeat you as to the whereabouts of your bags. 

Moment makes a couple of completely different items of adhesive-mounted AirTag cases to trust in thoughts for this cause: the Curved Surface Mount for AirTags, a versatile silicon case (left in describe above); and the Arduous Shell Mount for AirTags, a a limited smaller rigid case (honest correct in describe above).

These mounts plod the AirTag in below their bump via a lower-out slot on the succor. The succor is lined with an adhesive with protective paper. Sticking the mount to a flooring covers the lower-out.

The Curved Surface Mount offers quite less safety than the Arduous Shell Mount, however its darkish matte murky makes it nearly invisible against a murky background. Decide the Curve Surface Mount for stealth and the Arduous Shell Mount for greater resiliency for scenarios that name for a extra rugged solution.

Moment AirTag mount back

The succor of Moment’s mount has a slot for inserting an AirTag. The slot is hid when the mount is linked to a flooring.


Due to the the slot on the backside of the Curved Surface Mount and Arduous Shell Mount, Moment doesn’t supply an IP water-resistance rating, though an AirTag has an IP67 rating, which implies as a lot as 30 minutes of immersion at depths of as a lot as a couple of.3 toes (1 meter). On the other hand, the company says the two are “watertight” when caught onto a flooring. That requires the flooring to be non-porous and that you rep a tight seal of the adhesive the general system round. That have to aloof supply extra safety on high of the AirTag’s built-in boundaries.

While this develop makes sense from a simplicity and worth standpoint, I’m interested in how stressful that is doubtless to be after 6 to 12 months to have interaction away a Curved Surface Mount or Arduous Shell Mount, each of which spend 3M VHB adhesive. 3M says the adhesion becomes stronger and extra permanent over time. So trust in thoughts whether chances are high you’ll hurt a flooring that’s now not a solid or heavily bonded field topic when it be crucial to have interaction away the mount to interchange the AirTag’s battery.

Moment involves two extra die-lower adhesive stickers giving you an additional 300 and sixty five days or two to make spend of the mount after changing the AirTag battery. After that? You’ll want to search out your absorb adhesive, as Moment doesn’t list a potential to dispute extra.

Ranking: 4.5 stars

Curved Surface Mount for AirTags

Curved Surface Mount for AirTags

RAting: 4.5 stars

Arduous Shell Mount for AirTags

Hard Shell Mount for AirTags

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